Cook Hopkins  Is one woman who loves to cook soap! While I have often made soap using the cold process method, I am a bigger fan of hot processing, and so I became the Cook.

I used to make soap as a hobby several years ago, but stopped for a long while after losing all of my creations to a fire. I decided to back to making oil and butter based soap after experiencing dryness and irritation from brand name soaps. Dryness and irritation is worse on the hands since we wash our hands several times a day.

Any type of soap (sulfate free or not) can be over-drying with frequent washing. Natural soaps contain more emollients than most surfactant based soap, and this is the reason why they work best for my skin type. While oil based soap is less drying, you still need to moisturize after washing.

Ingredients from the Lab

While my primary focus is natural soap made with oils, I also make shampoos, conditioners and soaps with lab created ingredients whether synthetic or naturally derived.  Many lab created products are effective for skincare and offer benefits that cannot be achieved with recipes limited to oils and butters. I prefer to use oil and butter based ingredients more often for body butter and bar soap, but you will find other products that also utilize the wonderful stuff created in the lab.

Taking care of Mother

A huge benefit to using bar soap is reducing waste in landfills. We will not need to purchase as many plastic bottled products when using bar soaps. While we are not completely plastic free, we are conscientious with regard to how our choices impact the health of the planet. One small step forward one product at a time makes a big difference.


I do not use colorants in soap. Natural clays and herbs are used to give natural color. Colorants are used for aesthetic purposes only, therefore unnecessary. Colorants will only be used in cosmetic products such as lip balm and other cosmetics.

Dried Botanicals

I do not use clumps of dried botanicals to dress up soap bars. There is no sense in adding more stuff to the many things that can cause bath drains to clog. I will use finely ground exfoliants and herbs to recipes when it serves a purpose beyond aesthetics.

Good habits

No matter what type of soap you use, if you don’t wear gloves when cleaning the house and washing dishes, you are more likely to suffer dry irritated skin, dried cuticles, hangnails and rashes. I have learned to wear gloves while cleaning. Oil based soap will not prevent these problems if you are exposing your hands to chemicals that will cause irritation.


I appreciate my customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions at any time. It’s important to me that you are open and honest because it helps me to improve my products. 

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